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Kohler Standby Generator Products

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Kohler Standby Generator Products

Lightning storms . . . snow and ice . . . high winds . . . utility failures. All of these interrupt your home's power, for hours, or days - or longer. Whether you have a typical busy household, a home-based business, small children or elderly, or a security system that must be kept working, you need power you can rely on - no matter what.

Unique Indoor Comfort, Chicagoland's preferred source for residential heating and cooling needs, is also the region's dealer for quality Kohler standby generators.

Why Kohler from Unique?

Kohler standby generator products have heavy-duty, commercial-grade engines. Unlike the competition, Kohler engines are built for extreme outdoor applications. They have a tough exterior, and the industry's first 100% corrosion-proof enclosure. When the lights go out, Kohler standby generators kick in, restoring critical power in as little as 10 seconds, without harming sensitive electronics. And they're backed by the industry's best 5-year limited warranty.

Click here to learn about Kohler's leading-edge product innovations from 1920 to the present.

Kohler standby generators are:

This winter, keep your family comfortable, safe and secure with America's leading generator - Kohler, from Unique Home Comfort. We offer the complete line of Kohler standby generators, and can often install in one day or less. The chart below can help you decide which model will meet your needs; for more information, contact Unique.

Stand By Generator Sizes

Here are some popular standby generators for homes:

larger models also available

8.5 kW Stand By Generator


Model 8.5RES 8.5 kW "Command PRO" Generator, 100 Amp ATS 12 Circuits


14 kW Stand By Generator


Model 14RES 14 kW "Command PRO" Generator, 100 AMP 12 Circuits, also 200 Amp 24 Circuits


14 kW Stand By Generator


Model 14RESL 14 kW Generator 100 AMP 12 Circuits


20 kW Stand By Generator


Model 20RES 20 kW Generator 100 AMP 12 Circuits & 200 Amp 24 Circuits


20 kW Stand By Generator


Model 20RES 20 kW Generator 200 AMP Service Entrance (Whole House) RDT Transfer Switch


20 kW Stand By Generator


Model 20 RESL 20 kW Generator 200 AMP Service Entrance (Whole House) RRT Transfer Switch


30 kW Stand By Generator


Model 30RES 30 kW Generator 200 Amp ATS 24 circuits or 200 amp service entrance rated switch


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